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The Internet can work for you or against you.

Let the Marketing and Information Technology professionals improve your Internet experience.

You have a website. But is it doing all that it should... all that it can?

The chances are that the answer to that question is, "No". More than 90% of successful Internet marketing is in the last 1% of the work that can possibly be done and most website owners don't even know what that 1% is. That's where comes in.

But those things are only the "Basics".

If that's all that you've done, then you're still just part of "the crowd". Everyone who has any level of success on the Internet does those things. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you have to take those extra steps that your competition doesn't take. The greatest return on investment (ROI), in any kind of Internet marketing, comes in the last 1% of work that most Internet marketers fail to implement.

At, we're marketers first and geeks second. Sure, we know web design, graphic design and SEO. Sure, we speak "technogeek". But unlike other Internet-related companies, our focus is on the broader, underlying reason why you even have a web presence, in the first place - YOUR SALES.

Our business is to fill whatever holes may exist in your Internet marketing, to boost your sales and give you the greatest ROI on your Internet investment.

Let's look at the focus other Internet-related companies.

They all have their talents and the all have their problems. But even with all the problems, each of the above services are absolutely necessary, if your site is to achieve the optimum results in sales.

The chances are pretty high that your Internet marketing is suffering from one or more of the above problems and just one such issue can result in a dramatic loss in profits. Let me explain.

Small change can mean big profits.

Most marketing, be it websites, email, snail-mail, billboards or anything else, generates a very tiny amount of sales, in relation to those who are exposed to the marketing medium. Depending on the medium, a one-tenth percent to three percent response rate is considered great. For websites, a one percent response rate is above average.

That means that for every 100 visitors that the average website gets, one visitor will actually take the desired next step. Whatever that next step is, only about one in a hundred will actually take that next step.

So with this in mind, let's say that your website is above average and you're getting that 1% response and you are making a nice profit from your website.

What would happen if you could boost your site response rate to just 1.1%? That would mean a 10% increase in profits, all else remaining the same.

What if you could boost your site response rate to just 2%?

Your website profits would DOUBLE!

Think about that for a moment...

If you could go from just a one percent response rate to a two percent response rate and everything else remained the same, your website profits would double. The same applies to a sales letter or email campaign.

Then consider that most of your costs are already paid for from your existing profits. That means that most of any boost in sales will be all profit.

Have I got your attention?

It's that final attention to detail that makes the difference in an average Internet marketing experience and a phenomenal one.

The difference

After more than 20 years in the broader information technology business, we have substantially narrowed our focus. Today, we try to limit our business to just two categories - educational information and tools and professional copywriting.

Education: We've gathered together a number of best of breed tools and power packed books that cover a variety of important Internet marketing issues. When we couldn't find an important issue covered in an existing book, we wrote our own. We provide the tools and information to make your Internet experience both easier and more profitable.

Copywriting: Through our unique combination of web design skills, SEO skills, marketing skills and particularly copywriting skills, we offer a copywriting service that goes far beyond what other web and marketing professionals can offer. This service takes not only your sales copy to the next level, but takes your SEO to the next level, as well.

Whether you're a marketer or an end-user, we have the tools, information and experience to improve your Internet experience. If you want to do it yourself, then we can show you how and provide the tools you'll need to be successful. But if you want to experience the ultimate in responses, then we'll provide sales copy that will not only convert your visitors, but that will improve your SEO, to bring you more visitors, in the first place.

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